Calendar colors

  • During establishing a sync calendar it is not possible to select a special color for the calendar.
    Color will be randomly selected by the process. No change of color afterwards possible.

    regards, hitam4450

  • The color is fetched from the server.

  • admin

    hitam4450: there is definitely no randomness. if you want to change it, you need to log in to you web-interface of the server and change the color there. the set color is synchronized at next time when DAVdroid tries to get data from the server. or you can manually force a sync in the account settings.

  • Sry for posting in an old thread.

    Would you please give us an option to disable the forced fetched of the server color.
    I am using a baikal Server and as far as I know, there is no option to set a server side color.

    So every time I sync my calendars all colors are set to green. 😞

  • developer

    @inazr said:

    So every time I sync my calendars all colors are set to green. 😞

    This is addressed with DAVdroid 0.9.1 – it will only overwrite calendar name and color it actually receives something from the server. Would you like to test DAVdroid 0.9.1-beta1 to verify the solution?

  • yes

  • DAVdroid 0.9.1-beta1 fixed the calendar color sync issue. 👍


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