• developer

    This meaning the server is not sending the proper calendar name?


    Why did it work before the update of davdroid?

    It probably didn’t. Please read Reporting issues and provide all information mentioned there, including detailled steps to reproduce the issue, client and server software details, and verbose logs.

    Perhaps the calendarname was always borked serverside, but the issue has now only become apparent because DavDroid synced that information now?

    This would be a good explanation.

  • @alexanderjoseph Could you try other CalDAV clients and see if their calendar names are just as bad?

  • Hi there,sorry for my late response.
    I tried caldav-sync. With this App you can select if you want to sync calendar names and colors and it works. Only issue is that every time I create an entry for a calendar on my phone it forgets this setting, also for calendars with the same colours.

  • I have to correct my self. It has nothing to do with the colour.

  • Here’s another thing I have noticed.
    Right after setting up an account in davdroid the calendar names are correct. This changes with the first synchronisation.

  • admin

    What’s wrong after the sync? DAVdroid gets the calendar color and name from the server on every sync so that it matches the server-side setting.

  • After the sync all calendar names on my phone change to the sever account name (not the account name in DAVdroid, if I remember correctly). This doesn’t happens when I use caldav-sync. There is a different issue regarding syncing in caldav-sync. That’s why I searched and found your app that worked perfect for me until the next to last (I think) update.

  • admin

    I understand. You can change the calendar name on the server to a value you want, DAVdroid should sync this name then.

  • admin

    Any news on this? Did it work alexanderjoseph?

  • No, even if I change the name of the calendar in the Zarafa WebApp the names are not synchronized correctly 😞
    Also I was wrong saying that the calendar-names change to the account name. It is actually the display-name of my account.

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