• A few days ago I switched from CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync to DAVdroid. Earlier today I created a contact on the phone and added a picture. When the contact syncs to my ownCloud server, the picture disappears. This did not happen with CardDAV-Sync.

    The other direction works fine. I can create a contact on ownCloud, add a picture, and it syncs to the phone. I can also create a contact in KDE’s KAddressBook, add a picture, and it syncs to the phone.

    I see there are some similar issues here about degrading images. I’ve opened a new issue because, in my case, the image is deleted.

    DAVdroid: 0.8.1
    ownCloud: 8.1
    Android: 4.4.4 (on Samsung Galaxy Note 4)

  • developer

    Thanks for your report. Please read Reporting issues and provide all information mentioned there, including detailled steps to reproduce the issue, client and server software details, and verbose logs.

  • developer

    Seems to be an OwnCloud problem. Please follow up at https://github.com/owncloud/contacts/issues/1011.

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