Loses unsynced data when uninstalled

  • When setting up a calendar, I saw the message telling me to uninstall DAVdroid, install the Tasks app and then reinstall DAVdroid

    After doing this, I realized that the uninstall removes all unsynced contact data from the phone.

    It should probably display a warning encouraging the user to sync their contacts before uninstall.

  • Why it requires reinstall in the first place?

  • If the Tasks app is installed after the DAVdroid app, then the DAVdroid app won't have the permissions to interact with the Tasks app.

  • developer

    I think you can reinstall without uninstalling, and unsynced data should be kept, but I'm not sure.

  • If I just follow the instructions, unsynced data is lost

  • developer

    I just wonder, how can you have unsynced data when you don't have set up the account yet?

    Can you please given detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue?

  • If you don't understand the issue, why did you close it?

    The problem occurs if somebody has already been using DAVdroid with their contacts and then one day they realize they can use it for calendar and tasks too

    When they start to setup the calendar settings, it tells them to uninstall, install the Tasks app and then re-install DAVdroid.

    When the user does the uninstall, any locally unsynced contact data is lost.

  • developer

    If you don't understand the issue, why did you close it?

    It's closed with a solution. I have updated the instructions so that the user is notified about losing unsynced data when uninstalling DAVdroid (although this is clear for me, but I guess I'm biased).

  • The user may have the impression that the unsyncned data is owned by the Contacts app rather than Davdroid


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