Certain calendar events not displaying in calendar

  • DAVdroid 0.8.1 with Zimbra 8.6.0_GA_1178
    I have a read only view of another user’s calendar from the server same server, the reverse applies.

    In some instances the following issue occurs:

    • I create an event and invite the other user, they accept
    • Either the event won’t appear in my calendar, or sometimes not the other user’s calendar
    • This is only occurs when viewed on the device, the calendar events look normal when viewed on the computer under either user
    • It does not occur in every instance

    In the instance where the event is not appearing in one user’s calendar:

    • The missing event will be missing from both phones.
    • If an event I created is missing on my calendar, it will not be visible on either of our phones
    • It does not matter who creates the event as to whether the problem might manifest in either calendar
    • It never happens in both calendars in a single instance, only one
    • altering an event(as the inviter) does not change the visibility issue, if it is occurring to an event
  • admin

    Hello zstephen,

    did you make sure that you select the correct DAVdroid account from the dropdown when creating the event? Does the other user who accepts the event choose the correct calendar to save it?

    Can you maybe provide a test account on your Zimbra server? We don’t have one to test currently. Can you send it to play@bitfire.at?

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