TLS connection times out

  • DavDROID 0.8.0 (tried with previous version too)
    Nexus 4 running CyanongenMod version 12.1-20150618-NIGHTLY-mako (tried with other 12.1 nighly versions too)
    The server is

    I install DavDROID, add the account and seems to sync without a problem (contacts and tasks work perfectly) but DavDROID does not seem to write any event in the Android Calendar.

    In the Android Calendar I cannot see any event but those that I create locally from the Android Calendar. Those locally created events are synced without a problem up to the server.

    Privacy Guard is completely disabled.

    I could only see an incomplete notification: "Synchronization failed - SSL handshake..."

    So I collected all the logs following the instructions, and removed the Authorization strings as advised. But for now I prefer to avoid attaching them all because I am a newbie and am not sure if I would leek private data.

    Could you help with just the info I've given? In the case I need to attach the logs, can you tell me which ones are really needed so that I do not leek any identifier? Or what other things I should hide besides the characters following "Authorization"?


  • Please see the attached screenshot. Thanks.


  • developer

    As the error message indicates, the SSL/TLS connection to the server timed out. It's a network problem. Please try to access the kolabnow DAV URLs in your browser and to set up your DAVdroid account again.

  • I get my calendar's URL from a browser, go to my phone, remove the DavDROID account, set it up with the URL I got from my calendar. Still no change, events are not shown.

  • developer

    Still no change, events are not shown.

    They can't be shown as DAVdroid can't connect to the server. The SSL/TLS connection times out.

  • Do you know how to solve it?
    And, why do contacts and tasks sync without a problem? Aren't they using the same TLS connection?
    Thank you.

  • Does this message add any info?

  • developer

    "Connection reset by peer" means that the remote peer (your server) closed the connection before a secure connection could be established. A possible reason could be that your server doesn't allow connections from your mobile IP.

    As this is a server and/or networking problem, I'll close this issue here. I think that the some networking forums or the community of your server software could be able to help you.


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