DAVdroid 0.8.0 does not sync anymore ("Unfortunately, DAVdroid has stopped.")

  • Since some days DAVdroid 0.8.0 does not sync any more (maybe a time-out) with the CalDAV server (Beehive). Now and then I'm receiving a dialog box on my Android saying: "Unfortunately, DAVdroid has stopped."

    It has already worked fine for some weeks while I was testing the functionality. I've tried to set up a new account, I can list the calendars available, but sync does not work any more.

    I haven't changed anything on the client, there might have been some security updates on the server infrastructure, but I don't have access to this information or the CalDAV server itself.

    Any idea how to fix this?


  • developer

    Do you have Tasks installed? In this case, you would have to re-install DAVdroid.

  • I was having a similar issue in which 0.8.0 was not syncing anything. I did uninstall it and install tasks to try but did not work. Reinstalled several times still no go. Went back one version and now contacts and calendar syncing working again. I am connecting to eGroupware server on LG G2 D803 with Vanir 5.1.1 Build on it.

    I did not have any crashes or error messages come up with the application.

  • developer

    • »I did not have any crashes or error messages come up with the application.«
    • »DAVdroid 0.8.0 does not sync anymore ("Unfortunately, DAVdroid has stopped.")«

    I'm confused. Does it stop (crash) with the "DAVdroid has stopped." message or is there no message?

    Could please provide verbose logs and/or a test account?

  • developer

    Please check whether this issue is still present with DAVdroid 0.8.1.


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