Contacts are being merged after sync

  • I encountered this problem in previous versions but it still exists in davdroid 0.8.0. I sync with and even multiple phone numbers are no issue for me - they are getting synchronised as they should. My problem is, that sometimes (over night / after a new sync) two contacts get merged into one. For better understanding:

    On Server:

    1. Entry: Person A, mobile a, mail a,
    2. Entry: Person B, mobile b, phone b.

    On my phone (after sync):

    1. Entry: Person A, mobile a, mobile b, mail a, mail b

    Which accounts are affected seems random to me. On the server, there are still Person A and Person B separately and unaffected. Several new setups of my account in davdroid only lead to a short-term solution.

  • developer

    This seems to be an issue of Android contact merging (for instance, see DAVdroid synchronizes only raw contacts. Person A und Person B on the server are synced as two raw contacts on your device, but Android may merge them to one “contact” (not: “raw contact”). You can see this when the contact has two DAVdroid icons. In this case, you can split it in the Contacts app.

  • Thanks for your answer!
    You are right. This is not a problem of DAVdroid, in fact, it’s the android contacts behaviour that merges people randomly. Because affected accounts were totally unrelated I thought it was due to synchronizing - thanks for pointing out the solution! The ‘split’ option in the edit menu of the contacts restores both contacts separately.

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