• One big issue that users of non-roman alphabets have is phonetic names. The way Google handles things, and I think their approach works very well, is via two custom entries, X-PHONETIC-FIRST-NAME and X-PHONETIC-LAST-NAME. If DAVdroid could sync these fields, that would be ideal.

    Without phonetic name support, DAVdroid is … well … not very useful for people in Japan, China, or anywhere else where the standard alphabet is actually a character set (and not really an alphabet) with thousands of characters.

  • developer

    Thanks for your idea. I wasn’t aware of this and have put it onto the “future features” list.

  • I can get you more information on names and phonetic names in Japan (and China is similar to Japan) any time, should it be useful.

  • The number of fields for the name (first, last, phonetic etc) has become rather long. Can you make it so that is uses a drop down, like it is done for the default phone contacts? On my phone, the default phone contacts show only filled in name fields, only after pressing a down arrow, all not filled in name fields are also shown.

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