Only Read-only access to fastmail carddav

  • When using fastmail carddav, with davdroid, i only get read-only access to the contact address book. i have to log into fastmail carddav using the “url” option. It shows my default address book, but it shows it will be read only access.

    I have a tablet using aosp android 5, and a stock Samsung s4, running 4.4.4. The situation is the same on both devices.

    In using davdroid .7.1

  • developer

    When using fastmail carddav, with davdroid, i only get read-only access to the contact address book.

    What does that mean? Android doesn’t know read-only contacts.

    Please give steps to reproduce so that we can understand the problem.

    Is this a feature request for supporting read-only address books (= contacts)? Is this issue related to #434?

  • Not related to the feature request. I’ve attached a screenshot. When adding the Fastmail Account, the addressbook is only available as Read-Only.

    Steps to reproduce

    1. Select icon to add Account.
    2. Select URL method
    3. Use
      Username: (My Fastmail Domain login)
      Password: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    The following is the resulting screen:

  • developer

    And is it read-only? The icon is normally shown only when the server says that the collection is read-only.

    Also, for address books, the read-only icon in DAVdroid doesn’t mean anything. Do you experience problems? Can you add a contact to this address book in DAVdroid and sync successfully?

  • I completed the account creation process. It doesn’t seem to have sync’d anything. No contacts are displayed, other than the one I created for a test.

    All works fine with CardDav on my other device, same settings. It must not be connecting correctly to the server.

  • developer

    Is this still an issue? I’m asking because you have closed the issue.

    Also, I can’t reproduce the issue here: FastMail address book is working here and not displayed as read-only.

    Which FastMail product do you use? Is it possible that the address book is really read-only? Did you try with other clients?

  • Didn ot mean to close it, must have hit the wrong button.

    Well, everything eventually sync’d over, both ways, despite the warning that it would only be read only. So it is working, but the read only warning needs to be changed. I’m fine with this staying closed.

  • developer

    Ok, if something doesn’t work, just post here again.

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