Anniversary can't be edited/created on android

  • Hi,
    If I create a contact on my owncloud server, I can add anniversary data and it’s correctly sync with android.
    However, if I create a davdroid contact on the phone, anniversary does not appear on the field list, and I can’t edit those from already existing contact.
    Davdroid 0.6.12 on galaxy s4, android 4.3
    Server owncloud 7.02

  • developer

    Duplicate of #426, please follow up there. Summary: This can’t be done reliably without VCard/4 support because VCard/3 doesn’t define anniversaries.

  • Sorry, I had a transmission issue : the field I’m referring to is birthday, not anniversary. Here is an example of the vcf file from owncloud :
    PRODID:-//ownCloud//NONSGML Contacts
    As you can see, it uses BDAY. Moreover, the issue is slightly different : The birthday is sync, only it can’t be edited/created on the android side:

  • admin

    If it can’t be edited on Android you need a different app for contacts. You can try “True Contacs” - this is an unbranded version of the Android contacts app.

    DAVdroid is only the adapter for sync but has no influence which fields are editable on the device. Hope that helps!

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