• Please see the screen shot below. I’m using mac os server, trying to connect to the address book service. I can connect to this server using Evolution, so I know it is working. I can also connect to this server in firefox. I’m using cyanogenmod 10.2.1 .


  • developer

    According to the error message, the server offers only unsupported SSL/TLS protocols. DAVdroid doesn’t allow SSLv3 anymore (as it’s now unsecure, see NIST recommendations). Is it possible that the server doesn’t offer TLSv1+ but only SSLv3 or below?

    I can connect to this server using Evolution, so I know it is working.

    Evolution used SSLv3 only (yes, no TLS!) even at the time when POODLE was discovered. However, this was soon patched.

    By the way, I think the path should be /principals instead of /principles.

  • developer

    Any news on this?

  • You’re right, principles is spelled wrong. I don’t think that was the issue that caused the error above though based on all the testing I did do.

    It’s an older machine and it’s likely has outdated SSL/TLS. Same thing with the evolution client version I was using to test with. It would be nice if the error message were more human readable though. Since this didn’t work and I don’t have time to update the server now, I’m not going to do any more troubleshooting and I disabled the address book service for security reasons after finding out that it didn’t work. Any new server I build will not be mac os, so I’m not sure if further troubleshooting efforts would even be worthwhile with the current server.

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