Can't write contactname - it changes to nullnull

  • developer

    @fabif Would it be possible for you to provide a test account so that we can reproduce and identify the problem?

  • Is it possible to write you a private message? I do not want to post login data publicly…

  • admin

    Sure, please send it to Only the developers will receive this email. Thank you!

  • developer

    @fabif Did you already contact us? Is the issue still present?

  • developer

    Closing because of missing user response.

  • This probably a Sony “feature”. I had the same issue using the CardDAV app from the play store.
    My setup:
    Phone: Sony Z3 compact with Android 5.0.2
    Client: CardDAV 0.4.13
    Server: Horde 5.2.6
    When you are creating or editing a contact on the phone, you can enter name and some “phonetic” names. Than the name will by ignored causing a “nullnull” name after syncing.
    But if you hit the extension button (arrow down symbol at the name fields) you can enter a proper first name and last name. After that syncing worked for me.
    I don’t know DAVdroid, but let me know if this works for you.
    The Sony phone seems to be confused with all the naming features of carddav.

  • I can confirm that I have this issue as well on my Sony Z3. bummi2k’s workaround works for me as well, but a real fix would make the app a lot easier to use for Sony users.

  • I have the same issue, please have a look a this.

  • developer

    @Itchy said:

    I have the same issue, please have a look a this.

    We don’t have a Sony device for testing. Can you provide more details about your case? Did you try an alternative contacts app?

  • Yes, it still there.
    My Sony Z3 is fully updated.
    If I try to add ad Contacto to CardDAV / (in Sync with 5.2), the names come back with nullnull, I guess after sync.
    How can I provide more information for you? Perhaps I could let you on a Z3 remote?
    Best regards.

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