Handle caldav://, carddav://, davdroid:// URLs

  • Hi all,
    thanks for this wonderfull and very usefull app.

    A small suggestion: Some URLs for CALDAV are quiet lengthy, e.g. when using OWCLOUD on a own hosted system at home.

    As an alternative to entering CALDAV/CARDDAV URLs manually using the on-screen keyboard, reading and scanning a QR-image would be very helpfull. The QR may also contain the user credentials (username/password)

    This would make configuration a breeze esp. for people that are not that technically affiliated.

    Best regards

  • Do you know a CALDAV/CARDDAV server that allows to provide a QR-code for the configuration URL?

    Another idea is to transfer the configuration URL on the phone by email or something similar. And then copy/paste the URL from the email client to davdroid. Of course in this case do not include the password.

  • admin

    DAVdroid supports resource detection/service discovery via .well-known and SRV/TXT. By configuring your server using one of these methods you'll be able to only enter your domain/hostname and DAVdroid then finds the resources automatically. No need for long URLs... 😉 https://davdroid.bitfire.at/configuration has more information about it!

  • i18n

    QR support is too heavy to add. I think it is more flexible if URLs like carddav|caldav|davdroid://username@example.com/dav/ can be handled to directly open the account setup page with information filled. Thus you can start the account creation by clicking a link on the webpage.

  • There is a semi-standard for this, webcal://-URLs. Take a look at http://dmfs.org/wiki/index.php?title=ICloud for how CalDAV-Sync uses then.

  • developer

    Isn't WebCAL for non-CalDAV-calendar files? I.e. simple .ics files published on a HTTP server?

  • Ahh, indeed the wiki article I linked doesn't use webcal URLs. Still, it'd be nice if DAVDroid's and @dmfs' apps would be compatible in that regard.

  • Several Firefox extensions generate a QRCode from whatever is in the address bar or from the clipboard. This would indeed save quite some time!

  • QR support is too heavy to add

    Not necessarily. DAVDroid would only need to register for those "URL types", then any QR Code reader should list it in its "open-with" dialog.

    Several Firefox extensions generate a QRCode from whatever is in the address bar or from the clipboard.

    Or even on right-clicking a link ("Create Barcode from Link" entry in the context menu with the "Mobile Barcoder" extension).

    This would indeed save quite some time!

    Definitely! Especially considering we still have to remove/re-create our accounts whenever a calendar/addressbook/… was added 😉

    OTOH, one could simply scan those barcodes with a QR reader, and copy the URL to the clipboard to then paste it to DAVDroid. Still easier than typing.


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