0.6.10 Syncing contacts keeps adding duplicate contacts

  • I just upgraded to 0.6.10 and DAVdroid keeps adding duplicate contacts to ownCloud contacts.

    How to reproduce this issue

    1. Delete all contacts in ownCloud Contacts.
    2. Upgrade 0.6.10
    3. Remove DAVdroid account and create a new one
    4. At this point, android and owncloud both have no contacts.
    5. On android, I import 500 contacts using Import from SD card.
    6. DAVdroid starts syncing.
    7. After the 500 contacts, DAVdroid starts syncing again and creating duplicate contacts in ownCloud.
    8. After 1000 contacts, it starts adding more duplicate contacts… it seems never ending?

    I think double syncing starts after I get “Synchronization failed. Couldn’t access local content provider” error. Maybe, it’s related to this notification.

  • Workaround is:
    7. After the 500 contacts, remove DAVdroid account to stop duplicate syncs. Need to check ownCloud Contacts every couple seconds to make sure all contacts have been synced only once.
    8. Re-add DAVdroid account

  • I tried the same thing in and got exactly the same problem, only without notifications.

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