Syncing Calendar (0.6.10) ignores events with multiline properties (folding)

  • Calendar Events with a description or summary with multiple lines are ignored on syncing.

    With DAVdroid 0.6.8 everything works fine.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Create an event with 64 or more characters in description or 68 or more chars in summary,
    after syncing to the mobile device the event is missing.
    An event with less then 64 chars in description and less then 68 chars in summary works well.

    The first following event is displayed correct after syncinc, the second is missing

    SUMMARY:Test with 63 characters
    SUMMARY:Test with 64 characters

    DAVdroid 0.6.10 from F-Droid (no error in 0.6.8)
    Google Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.4 (cm-11-20141008-SNAPSHOT-M11)
    OwnCloud 7 (hosted on virtual server)

  • Got the same issue, but first I thought it was related to shared calendars...
    Already opened an issue:

  • Here is my ErrorLog. It is the same error as in #405

    E/davdroid.RemoteCollection(11836): Ignoring unparseable entity in multi-response
    E/davdroid.RemoteCollection(11836): at.bitfire.davdroid.resource.InvalidResourceException: Error at line 13:Illegal property [ 4]

    The line that caused the error is


  • developer

    Duplicate of #405, please follow up there.

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