• Hi.

    I have just registered here only to write this comment. Excuse if I’m not following this site’s “protocol” or something.
    I have installed few hours ago you app nd used it to synconize with an Owncloud account. Works great so far and I’m considering to buy it, but there’s something rather annoying that I don’t know if it’s a defficiency in the app or I haven’t just been enough attent to find out how to do it: how to show or hide different address books I have in my Carddav account.
    I need, like everybody, muy habitual address book every day: there are all my close contacts, and no so close ones but contacts that I frequently talk or write to. . But sometimes, not often at all, I need to consult another address books where I have phones and mails of people and organizations I just communicate with once or twice a year, even less. So I don’t want them to be in my every day address book nor in my Whatsapp nor Line’s contacts list, which are already too populated.

    Well, I’ve seen the configuration page to select which address books and calendars to show and syncronize, when configuring a new account, but I can’t find it again once the app is configured. Where is it? Is it hidden under some “obscure” menu/option I have not seen? O perhaps said configuration is only possible during configuration? If yes, would it be too difficult to keep the config options page available when the app is already configured?

    Best regards. And thanks for your work. 🙂

  • Showing/hiding address books (not stopping synchroinzation) can be done in the Contacts/People app, under “Contacts to display”. If you actually want to stop syncing an addressbook, see https://github.com/bitfireAT/davdroid/issues/219

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    Thanks untitaker 😉 Besides that - if you need more than one addressbook synced you need to create multiple DAVdroid accounts always adding another address book. Android does not allow to have more than one address book per account.

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