Crash when adding account after setting up SRV+TXT records

  • Creating accounts worked without issue before the SRV RRs for caldavs and carddavs I created for my own domain propagated. From the logs I can see that davdroid can resolve them but crashes immediately after. Well, it never gets to caldavs as it crashes after detecting carddavs.

    I can recreate the crash very easily by doing the following:
    Enter settings -> Add account -> DAVdroid -> URL and username
    Enter my domain (https selected) and credentials (test : test).
    Submit. Crash.
    Doesn’t matter whether pre-auth is enabled or not. If you wish, you can try yourself. I’ll keep the test account accessible for some time.

    Full logcat attached from “create account” to davdroid crashing.

    Model: Samsung Galaxy S3 international (GT-I9300)
    Android 4.4.4, CyanogenMod 11 M11 (11-2014008-SNAPSHOT-M11-i9300)
    DAVdroid, version (F-Droid), up to date as of posting

    May be related to I can see a fatal exception happening every time after resolving caldavs / carddavs srv records in that issue’s logs. Not certain though, so I’m creating this issue.

  • developer

    The issue is related to the TXT record and only occurs when a TXT record is present.

    • The issue should be fixed with the next commit.
    • The TXT record of seems to be wrong:
    $ host -t TXT descriptive text "/owncloud/remote.php/carddav/"

    It should be path=/owncloud/remote.php/carddav/. However, that’s not related to the DAVdroid bug.

    Until the next DAVdroid version is available, you may remove the TXT records and go with well-known paths (301 .well-known redirection).

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