Change calenadar of appointment

  • As of now there seems to be no possible option to change the calendar of an appointment.
    Lets say:
    I am using owncloud and DavDroid and have two calendars: cal1 and cal2 both are synced to my phone.
    I am not able to add an appointment to cal1 and change it later to be in cal2.
    Am I right or is it a flaw in my calendar app? In thunderbird it is possible.
    I am using the standard calendar on android.

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    Am I right or is it a flaw in my calendar app?

    Indeed. Moving events between calendars is not in the scope of sync adapters (like DAVdroid) but it's a task of the used Calendars app.

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    ok, but still makes me wonder why it did work while using the same app but with google calendar.
    So it seems it is not the app but maybe the servers fault?

    As far as I know, CalDAV servers don't provide this operation. It's done by the client, thus by the app. I guess the app is optimised for Google calendars. Which app are you using?

  • I use the "Standalone Calendar" from F-Droid. But other persons using the same setup use the google calendar app. And they have the same problem since changing to davdroid and owncloud.

  • I guess I will have to change my app. Or maybe write a patch for owncloud 6 then. We'll see.

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    You could just export the events, (clean them up) and import them to your DAV server.

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