• I installed and tested DAVDroid against a Radicale server, and it seems to be working fine in limited initial testing. However, I cannot find any way to get DAVDroid to notice a new calendar that become available on the server. I have to remove the DAVDroid account, and then re-add it, and then select all calendars to add. Could this feature be added to DAVDroid, or am I missing how to locate new calendars?


  • developer

    Thanks for your idea.

    At the moment, there’s no other way than to delete your DAVdroid account from your device and then add it again. A GUI to change already added sync adapters would be quite complex, maybe later.

  • Why was this report closed? It is a valid feature request.

    Please consider just PROPFINDing all collections on every sync or something, like CalDAV Sync Adapter does. Maybe you can even borrow code from there, they add new collections on the fly.

  • developer

    It’s absolutely valid and thank you for it. I have closed it because I added it to the “future features” section on the Web page and I don’t want to have hundreds of requests pending forever.

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