Refined Hungarian translation.

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    First of all, thank you very much for your work on the translation of DAVdroid to your language! It is very welcome and we're glad that you did it.

    Nevertheless, in the recently released versions we've changed some things and dialogues. Could you please update your translation and push it at github that the translation is completely corresponding with latest version of DAVdroid? Also, there will always be changes to the code and text will be added. Can you maintain the translation in the future, too?

    License stuff: Please write your name/nickname and copyright note in the text of the main dialogue at the bottom! Is it okay for you if your name is only mentioned in your own translation?

    If you have questions, please just write back!

    Best regards,

  • Hi, Bernhard, apologies for not responding sooner, I tend to get a a bit snowed under these days. :(
    As for your questions, I can't promise to maintain the translation yet but I'd give it a try. For a starter, I'd definitely try to update the translation. In this respect, could you give me a hint what exactly has changed? At a quick glance I didn't find any untranslated strings in the Hungarian file.


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    Thats allright ;) The structure has changed and primarily we've introduced a new dialog when adding an account that needs a translation.

    Have a look here for a little guide - this is the serbian translation already updated:

    Thank you!

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