Connection issue with CommuniGate Server

  • Hello

    I coulnd’t find a similar issue yet, so please bear with me on this.

    When trying to connect to the CardDAV folder on our CommuniGate server via https, i get a reproducible “error 401 access to this account is disabled” failure. (regardless of Preemtive auth or not).

    The URL and login credentials i am using are correct and working flawlessly when syncing contacts with a Thunderbird Carddav-plugin.

    Is this a general incompatibility between DavDroid and this kind of server, or is there anything that can be done on the client side to get the login to work?

    best regards

  • admin


    We didn’t know of the existence of the CommuniGate server, so we couldn’t test it yet. Also I didn’t find a demo service, where we could test without setting up the whole server.

    Can you maybe provide a demo or test account? Or any login credentials for us to use?

    Best regards,

  • admin

    Any update? If we don’t have the chance to get an account we cannot test DAVdroid against the CommuniGate service …

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