Drawing - Sense Style only - Notification Bar still touchable

  • Hello,

    unfortunately, the “Sense Style only” option does not prevent me from touching the notification bar with my hand. If this happens Gimp draws a line from the current point to the border of the picture. Is it possible to have a fullscreen mode that deactivates the notification bar completely?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
    Android 4.1.2

  • admin


    thanks for the report. We were not aware of this… We’ll add it to our list of known issues and hope to release a fix for it in an upcoming version!

  • I made some further tests and I think the problem I had yesterday is actually caused by two things:

    (i) the WiFi connection was quite unstable yesterday. Thus with better WiFi I could not reproduce the “line-drawing-to-the-border” problem today.
    (ii) the notification bar is still touchable and you can activate it accidentally.

    While (i) is totally my fault, (ii) should probably be fixed. Maybe you can do it in the same way as it is done with the system’s video player, i.e., if the power button is pressed the touch interface is locked.



  • developer

    Full-screen mode should remove the notification bar. Please see issue #24.

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