Calendar is not syncing when remote calendar name contains a whitespace

  • I’m using Baikal as a CalDav server. I gave such name to my calendar:
    “Kalendarz CalDav”

    DavDroid didn’t sync the calendar. I’ve installed CatLog for debugging and found the message saying that there’s forbidden sign in calendar name. I changed the name to:
    and reconfigured DavDroid from scratch and it started working.

    My addressbook also had a whitespace in the name, but syncing was ok.

  • developer

    Thanks for your report. Please read Reporting issues and provide all information mentioned there, including detailled steps to reproduce the issue and verbose logs.

  • SW releases:
    Device: ZTE Grand X In
    Android version: 4.0.4 (GXI_V1.0.0B02)
    DavDroid version: 0.6.2 from F-droid
    Server version: Baikal 0.2.7 on centos 6.4 (Virtual Server, Apache is using .well-known)

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Go to Baikal Server -> Users and resources -> Calendars
    2. Edit calendar
    3. Change Display name so that it contains a whitespace e.g. My Calendar
    4. Save changes
    5. On android device, go to DavDroid and add an account for syncing

    Calendar is not syncing when a whitespace is in calendar’s name. Contacts are syncing with no problem though there’s also a whitespace in calendar’s display name.

    Expected behaviour:
    Calendar is syncing.

    Unfortunately I didn’t manage to collect the logs and I’m currently to busy to play around with that. In general when I opened CatLog and filtered with DavDroid I could see an error regarding calendar syncing similar to:
    Unexpected character at 3 column in “My Calendar”
    Forbidden character at 3 column in “My Calendar”

  • developer

    Just a guess, but maybe the server sends a whitespace in the URL instead of %20?

  • Hmm, not sure. Note that it is not a calendar name but calendar display name.
    In my particular situation it was:
    Calendar name: default
    Calendar display name: Kalendarz CalDav

    So the URL is like:
    And when metadata is downloaded to DavCal after successful logging in I can see the calendar display name in DavCal.

  • developer

    Can’t reproduce this problem: I have just tried with Baikal 0.2.7 and the current DAVdroid version and a calendar with Display Name “My Calendar With Whitespace” was added and synchronized without problems.

    Maybe your problem is not related to the Display Name? Can you provide logs or a demo account (

  • developer

    Any news on this?

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