Contact photos are continuously degrading

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    At least I don’t have this issue with Radicale…

  • Joao, I think this has been fixed several ownCloud releases before. If you’re still experiencing this, could you check whether

    0.) You really use the latest releases of everything
    1.) Your pics are degrading with every sync or when editing a contact on your phone – the latter might be a different but similar bug, perhaps specific to your ROM?
    2.) Whether switching ownCloud to Radicale fixes it
    3.) Whether switching DavDroid to CardDAV Sync fixes it (AFAIK they have a free trial)

    On 11 May 2015 11:18:15 CEST, “João Paulo Barraca” wrote:

    I also experience the same problem using the latest owncloud and
    DavDroid. The source of the problem has already been found?

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