Allow more than one "network host" in the settings

  • I'm using this app on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The Server is running on my workstation (a Gentoo Linux) and on my Laptop (Fedora). So far, it works quite well but it would be great if I could add more than one network host to the list so that I can select the right setting depending on the computer I want to use the tablet with.

  • admin

    Hello! Thank you about telling us your workflow with differrent systems. Do you mean something like a checkbox or dropdown menu to choose different added hosts (just to avoid to always change the IP address)?


  • Exactly. And thanks for all your work by the way!



  • Actually, I'd consider it more logical to instruct the server to listen to a particular tablet than it is for a tablet to send to a particular server.

  • developer

    Moved to IDEAS file.


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