• You made a great software!, but I have specific monitor configuration - two separate work environments (not expanded desktop). $DISPLAY variable on first monitor is equal “:0”, and on the second “:0.1”. How works GfxTablet on the phone?, like cut horizontal line in the middle of the screen, and i can only working on one half of screen.
    I hope is possible solve this problem.

  • developer

    I don’t know about your specific configuration. The network tablet should behave just exactly like a real tablet (only that its controlled via the app). So maybe you can find how to use a real graphics tablet on two separate X screens.

    Maybe disabling the tablet on the :0.1 display in the Xorg configuration helps. Or maybe you can use a TwinView configuration instead of two X displays?

  • Great hint. You are right, it was device configuration. I had some problems with this, but finally problem has been solved. I had never used a graphic tablet, so excuse me, and thank you.

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