• Hi,

    When I want to connect DAVdroid to my subdomain, I select https://cloud.surfnote.net, my username, my password, and preemptive authentification (authentification, c’est en français, authentication, it’s in english, so, I have this spelling error in the last release on F-Droid).

    After, I click on next, and I have then this message :

    HTTP error: Method Not Allowed

    What can I do ?

    And I have a self-signed certicate for CAcert. I view them (CAcert Inc. + Root CA) in Settings / Security / Credential storage / Trusted credentials / User

    Thanks in advance,

  • So you must do twice like this :
    screenshot at 2013-10-14 20 11 15

    Thanks @rfc2822 for your work!

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