• J’utilise la version 0.5.11, Thunderbird 24.5.0 et SOGo connector sur Linux, et Baïkal 0.2.7.
    Lorsque le tout est synchronisé, la plupart de mes adresses mail se retrouvent en tant qu’ “adresses alternatives” dans thunderbird, et donc ne peuvent plus être utilisées avec la fenêtre de composition des messages, sauf à les écrire une par une.
    Je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit un bug de davdroid, mais comment savoir ?
    Lorsqu’il n’y a qu’une adresse mail renseignée sur mon téléphone, par exemple, il faudrait qu’elle soit considérée comme la principale dans le carnet d’adresses de thunderbird, ça me paraît logique, non ?
    Si quelqu’un ici sait (veut bien) m’expliquer comment ça marche et éventuellement corriger, ce serait cool 🙂

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    I use the version 0.5.11, Thunderbird 24.5.0 and SOGo connector on Linux, and Baikal 0.2.7.
    When everything is synchronized, most of my email addresses are found as ‘alternative addresses’ in thunderbird, and therefore cannot be used with message composition window, except to write them one by one.
    I’m not sure this is a bug in davdroid, but how do I know?
    When there is a new mail address recorded on my phone, for example, it should be considered the main one in the thunderbird address book, it seems to me logical, no?
    If anyone here knows (willing) explain to me how it works and possibly correct, it would be cool 🙂

    (sorry for the “french only” issue…)

  • developer

    When there are multiple email addresses for a contact, DAVdroid creates multiple entries in the VCard:


    If one of these addresses is set to “preferred” in your Contacts app (see screenshots), the generated VCard will change to


    So I guess your issue is related to Thunderbird / SOGo. In case you open a ticket there, please post a reference link here.

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  • Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t seen I could define a default address… but that’s worse than that : I checked a few things, and if a contact has 3 addresses and I modify it on Sogo + sync, then the contact loose 1 out of the 3 it had before… So the problem comes from Sogo.

    Thanks for the answer !

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