[owncloud] Contacts sync only works one way


I added my carddav account from owncloud (6.0.3) to davdroid 0.15.14.
Contacts from my phone do not get uploaded to the owncloud account.
I tried to manually click the "Sync" button in the account but except updating the "last synced" time nothing seems to happen.
I tried adding a test contact manually to owncloud through the web interface and that successfully synced to the device.
Calendar syncs ok.

Device: Sony Xperia M
ROM: CyanogenMod 11


Thanks for your report.

According to the logs, the Contacts provider didn't report any changed contacts to DAVdroid.

Please provide detailled steps to reproduce. I can't have a look at the problem when I don't know how to reproduce the problem.

Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.


I'm not trying to sync from the provider to DAVdroid, but from DAVdroid to the provider.
Syncing from the provider to DAVdroid works fine.


Suddenly it worked.

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