• Hey,

    is there a way to use local files instead of files on some web servers?

    Would that be a nice and easy feature?


  • developer

    I don’t understand your request — can you please say it in other words? What files are you talking about?

  • I want to synchronize the local address book with a changing .vcf file located on the SD. I want that to be done as soon as either the address book or the file changes and it looks like this is the only app that does exactly that. When I set the program up, there is no option for local files, though, only http and https.

  • developer

    I’m sorry, but that’s not possible with CardDAV beause it’s based on WebDAV (which is based on HTTP) and DAVdroid is a CalDAV/CardDAV sync adapter.

    Basically, you could adujst the source by creating a new RemoteCollection that serves a local directory - if you’re experienced in programming, it might not be that hard.

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