Not all calendars showing up when syncing from ownCloud

  • Hi,

    i use DavDroid with my owncloud installation. After setting up my calendar settings, i only can sync two calendars to my android device:

    • Default calendar
    • Contact birthdays

    Is this an issue with Android, DavDroid or with ownCloud? If you can provide me a clue i can dig deeper in this issue.

    I’m using the latest version one can get from f-droid (0.5.12-alpha) with ownCloud 6.0.3.

    Thank you

  • hi schinken,

    I’m on DavDroid 0.5.13-alpha from f-droid and owncloud 6.0.3 and syncing other calendars than the two mentioned above works for me.

    If you created the other calendars in owncloud after setting up the account in DavDroid you have to delete the account in DavDroid and set it up again. During the setup process the other calendars should show up.

  • Thank you, that really works. I’ve just setup the account again

    Maybe it’s possible to retrieve new calendars while the account is setup? feature request 🙂

  • developer

    Duplicate of #219. Ideas on how to handle this and pull requests are welcome…

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