Cannot add contacts with the default app

  • After installing the app and setting it up to synchronize with OwnCloud, I wasn’t able to add contacts via the default app (Personas in Spanish, I’m unsure whether it’s translated as People or Contacts). Only the option to add to Google is available, even after rebooting the phone. Is it expected behavior? Should I get another contacts displayer?

  • Correct me if this is not the same issue, but when I add a contact via the default android Contacts app, I can not select into which backend it should be stored. It just selects the local storage as default, even displays that fact to me, but does not let me change it to (the only other one configured) davdroid.

  • I assume that you use no GApps and thus the contacts list defaults to internal storage, right? Yes, it seems that we’re having the same problem if so.

  • admin

    csolisr & azrdev: can you provide additional information on this? Android version, phone name, etc… Do you see your CardDAV/owncloud-adresses in the “contacts”?

  • same problem as csolisr & azrdev:

    • when in the screen “contacts to display”: I can’t see any davdroid “addressbook provider”
    • contacts from davdroid are shown only when I chose to display all contacts
    • as there is no addressbook provider for davdroid, I can’t add a contact into it.

    phone = samsung galaxy nexus
    os = android stock 4.3 rooted
    davcard server = baïkal

  • My setup: Samsung Galaxy W, with CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3), stock Contacts app, hosting in ownCloud ( Contacts can be imported without problems, but only Google appears as an option to add them.

  • @csolisr htc HD2, some CM10 image from XDA forums.
    I do see contacts from the DavDroid resource, i.e. when editing a contact there is a section entitled with its name (below the section headed something like phone-local). I just cannot select where to put it when creating a new contact: It jumps right into the editing view, which has only one section, the phone-local one.

  • developer

    I have verified this problem for Android 4.3 Cyanogen. Would be interesting if this occurs on stock Android 4.3 too and what could cause this. Does editing contacts work with ?

    Unfortunately, I don’t have an idea at the moment. If you find something out, please post it here.

  • Would be interesting if this occurs on stock Android 4.3 too and what could cause this.

    I confirm that it occurs on stock android 4.3

    Does editing contacts work with ?


    hope that helps.

  • In case it helps, same problem for me with Android 4.0.4 (CM9.1) - attempting to add a contact just shows “Phone-only, unsynced contact”.

    There’s a likely-looking exception in the log just before - can’t copy/paste it right now, but “Problem reading XML for external package at bitfire.davdroid”, “$DefinitionException: must be supported”

  • Are there any contacts editors in F-Droid that let us work around this? I just looked, and nothing looks promising, but if anyone else has found anything… Those without gapps might not be able to install Contact Editor Free.

  • developer

    Fixed with commit 5db8bcb9d81725443a7e5b3665d467d9b2ba407d, can you please test?

  • Has it been uploaded to F-Droid? I don’t think I can compile it from source.

  • admin

    For F-Droid, you can’t upload. It compiles from source as soon as a new version is tagged. I created the v0.3.4 git tag yesterday so it will be available soon.

  • It’s working! Except that it displays accounts that have no contact support (in my case the ownCloud CalDAV). Perhaps I’ll post another ticket later.

  • I still can’t see davdroid as a provider.
    and it is not showing in contacts to display screen :
    it means you can’t just display contacts from davdroid.
    davdroid contacts are shown when I select ‘All contacts’.

  • developer

    Please try to add the account again.

  • sorry, it works 🙂
    was still in 0.3.3… (!)

  • Alright, with 0.3.4 I can now see and create davdroid contacts. However, If I edit them, I cannot add any fields, like phone number etc. I can only edit already present fields. For instance, if I create a contact named Test User, it is correctly synced. However, I cannot add a phone number to the already present contact Test User.
    Finally, it seems that when adding a new syncronization account, it is automatically filtered, so to make the contacts visible, I have to disable the filter.

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