Caldav: Colors not synced on first sync

  • I am trying to use davdroid 0.5.12-alpha (from the fdroid repo) to sync with my kolab server. it uses code from sabredav to provide a caldav interface.

    when I sync to the server all calendars (I have 6 of them) have the same color, which is a light green. I have no clue where the color comes from, as all my calendars have another color.

    I checked the logs (with catlog) and looked for "errors" while setting up the account, but no error was reportet and the warnings I got were about missing protocol handlers for the IMPP field of some contacts.

    What should I do next, to find the bug? I have only very less experience with java.


  • Can't really give you any help; but it might be useful for the devs if you could provide logs of the account setup step. That is, remove the DavDroid account on your phone, recreate it, and then send the logs for this.

    See for some help on how t get logs. If you don't have ADB available, it might also be possible to use the aLogcat or catlog apps to save the recent logs.

    Also, it might in some cases be helpful to know more details of your setup, like the Kolab version and Android version you're using.

  • developer

    I'd need the respective CalDAV properties of the collections (folders). All I could find on the Internet was some guessed information about <A:calendar-color xmlns:A="">, but not a technical document describing the property.

    Please give more information about which exact property you want to be synced.

  • Sorry, its not too easy to get these informations. I have no clue, how caldav works exactly.

    But what I know is, that it works with

    Maybe thats the easiest way to figger it out. Its also opensource.

  • developer

    Without logs, I can't do anything this issue. Can you provide logs?

  • Sure I can, what filters should I apply? "davdroid"? I found nothing interesting there and had provided them already, if I did.

  • developer

    See step 4. I'm especially interested in what your server returns as the color property.

  • developer

    Any news on this?

  • developer

    Closing because of missing user response. Will be re-opened in case of fresh and useful information.

  • I finally had time, to investigate in this problem. I am really sorry.

    I checked the log files, and found out, that sabredav (used by Kolab) does not send a # before the color code. I catched this:

    <x5:calendar-color xmlns:x5="">2e8f63</x5:calendar-color>

    I don't want to send the whole log, so if you need more informations, please contact me!

  • developer

    This issue has been fixed in Kolab. It sends the color now with a # prefix. However, DAVdroid behaviour could be improved by not expecting the #.


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