Add/delete/update collections of existing accounts

  • How does this bug relate to #243?

    My current impression:

    • This bug is more like “Server has a bunch of collections/calendars (some might be new!), and user wants to (de)select some”.
    • While #243 seems to be more specific about the “collection/calendar on server was deleted, how to properly handle that?”

    (from rfc2822)

    I’m not sure how to handle the situation when remote collections are added or deleted. Do you have a suggestion how these things could be handled in the user-interface?

    For the intend of “changing selection, including adding new ones”:
    What about splitting the collection selection in the setup process on its own page and then use that exact same page when changing the account later?

    (from rfc2822)

    Thanks for the hint. Now when explicitly looking for it, I have found such a dialog in the stock Android calendar app – I have never seen it before.

    Badly enough, this is only half of the solution. For one it might only select the calendars shown by that particular app. For example I have some widget to show the upcoming events and one can select calendars there too, just for the display there. And the system might still show reminders for reminders for uninteresting calendars. (Until I switched from caldav adapter to davdroid and deselcted a calendar in setup, I always got all the reminders from a friend’s calendar.)
    Or it might just be BIG company calendars you don’t want to sync via your private data plan.

  • I second @ChristianTacke: Split of the calendar selection to a separate activity invoked by the initial setup process. Then, in addition to “add new”, have a “edit existing” – which lets the user select a resource already configured, and then invokes the selection activity again (with already selected calendars already checked of course, and the possibility to “check more” to be used and/or uncheck others).

    Btw: Same would apply to contacts I’d say 🙂

  • I’,m using owncloud for syncing contacts and calendars on my desktop pc (emClient) and mobile phone (android). Both plattforms are using caldav and carddav. On windows, emClient supports to synchronize changed/added/deletd calendars and contact books. So it should be possible to do this in android, too.

  • I’m also being bitten by this 🙂

  • +1 for being able to (un)select new calendars and being able to edit the account settings.

  • Version 0.7 (available on now allows to edit account settings. 🙂

  • @breversa : i just realized that a couple of minutes ago and wanted to update my post. thanks anyway 😉

  • Adding/removing collections is also on our list, it will come to DAVdroid too, but we’ve no schedule for it right now.

  • As a first step, wouldn’t it be the easiest to allow a re-evaluating of the collections? This code is already there. Basically this means to allow the 2nd step (Which collections shall be synchronized?) again after it has been setup.

  • @rfc2822 what do you think about my previous comment? wouldn’t it be fairly easy to implent this, since choosing the collections has been coded already? you only have to implement a call to that part and name it: change collections.
    Or am I missing something here?

  • Bump?
    Why there should be UI for this? Sync of new lists should work automatically without notifying user about anything. Other apps like tasks calendar should detect changes.

  • developer

    @akero said:

    Why there should be UI for this? Sync of new lists should work automatically without notifying user about anything. Other apps like tasks calendar should detect changes.

    Can you suggest an algorithm for that?

  • Can you suggest an algorithm for that?

    Reload all lists/calendars from server and replace new with old ones. Doesn’t aCalDav do it this way?

  • developer

    @akero Does it? I don’t know. What about calendars that can’t be auto-detected?

    Also, I don’t know whether doing a full auto-detection at every sync is a good idea, regarding battery and traffic usage, as it is quite a cumbersome process.

  • Maybe this could be on users request in account settings, the same activity that has checkboxes with list of accounts and menu “sync now” “remove”, adding new menu entry with “Complete sync” that would re-detect all lists and calendars would work?

  • developer

    @akero Yes, I think that this belongs to the settings.

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