Please help - how to install on my pc

  • I don’t understand what to do - Iam sorry but Iam not expert in linux

    Ubuntu 12.10, 64bit

    I downloaded this file uinput-networktablet-x86_64 from
    I double click on it and nothing happened, in properties is application/x-executable
    In terminal: sudo: ./networktablet: command not found, chmod - its not possible to access uinput-networktablet-x86_64, file doesn’t exist (I translate from czech)
    In dev I don’t have uinput
    On my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Androin 4.1) I wrote my ip and nothing happened
    My pc and tablet are connected in my home wifi

    please help me what to do

  • developer

    in terminal:

    cd /directorys/where/you/have/put/the/networktablet/file/into
    chmod a+x networktablet
    sudo ./networktablet
  • admin

    nitram2408: Did it work for you now?

  • no, Iam sorry

    martin@martin-HP-ProBook-4510s:~$ cd Desktop/

    martin@martin-HP-ProBook-4510s:~/Desktop$ chmod a+x networktablet (but my file on desktop has name uinput-networktablet-x86_64 - I have tried to change name for networktablet, but its still same)

    chmod: nelze přistoupit k „networktablet“: Adresář nebo soubor neexistuje (no access to “networktablet”: Directory or file doesnt exist)


    what to do?

  • and icons of uinput-networktablet-x86_64 looks like applications under wine
    Sn mek obrazovky po zen 2013-02-13 12:15:48

  • admin

    Download the uinput driver to your Downloads directory, then rename the file to “networktablet”. Open a terminal, then do:

    cd Downloads
    chmod a+x networktablet
    sudo ./networktablet

    Then the driver is running and you’ll see pressure values in the terminal when you use the app on your mobile phone!

    Tell me if it works for you now!

  • i will try it this evening.

  • So, here is new information:

    1. the download file looks like txt
    2. I have changed the name and went to terminal:

    martin@martin-HP-ProBook-4510s:~$ cd Stažené/ (it is Downloads)
    martin@martin-HP-ProBook-4510s:~/Stažené$ chmod a+x networktablet
    chmod: nelze přistoupit k „networktablet“: Adresář nebo soubor neexistuje (no access, folder or file doesnt exist)
    martin@martin-HP-ProBook-4510s:~/Stažené$ sudo ./networktablet
    [sudo] password for martin:
    sudo: ./networktablet: command not found

    then I opened Gfx Tablet on my Samsung Galaxy note 10.1. and put my ip in settings/network host (it was there from my last attempt). I nothing change in drawing (leave sense stylus only unchecked)

    thats all - nothing change - so I tried:

    in Downloads - right click on networktablet/properties - mark this file like executable - double click and I see question what to do - run in terminal, open, run - so I click on run in terminal and it seems that terminal is quickly open and quickly closed - I tried it all again on my tablet, but nothing change

    where Iam making mistake?
    thanks a lot for your time

  • in gimp Edit / Input Devices - Core Pointer/Genius optical mouse/SynPs 2synaptic touche pad/Virtual core X test pointer - everywhere I changed it on screen

  • admin

    open a terminal and only type


    leave it open, open the download folder in the file explorer and drag and drop the file into the terminal. then it should not be a problem to locate the file. If you have marked it as executable thats ok, so no chmod a+x anymore. try if it works in this way plz!

  • I wrote sudo, drop file into the terminal - then enter and wrote sudo ./networktablet - enter - password - and:

    martin@martin-HP-ProBook-4510s:~$ sudo ‘/home/martin/Stažené/networktablet.txt’ sudo ./networktablet
    [sudo] password for martin:
    error: prepare_socket(): Address already in use

  • developer

    This means that the port is already in use, maybe because the driver is already running. Try to reboot your PC, do nothing else and start the networktablet from a terminal window again:

    sudo ./networktablet

  • thanks a lot, its great, wonderful, easy work in gimp - now i only open gfx app on my tablet and it run. When I restart or turn off my pc I have to open terminal and write sudo ./networktablet?
    Its great app, if you want some money (e.g. paid app) for next progress - no problem.

  • developer

    Yes, you will have to start the networktablet any time before you can use it (or you can make a service for it).

    I’m happy that you like GfxTablet. If you want to support us, please consider a donation via PayPal and rating the app in Play store.

  • thanks, I rate it and donate something:)

  • admin

    thank you very much for the donation 😉

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