Phone numbers get lost while sync with Horde

  • Hi,

    recently I found this nice piece of software to sync my contacts with my own server. I try to setup DAVdroid with Horde. After some struggling I was able to have mobile-server-communication. Sync contacts and events seems to work (at least the entries appear). Now I noticed that somehow phone numbers get lost. I examined this deeper and found out, that changes from my phone are not correctly send to the server and are replaced by the server data after sync. The other direction in working fine.

    Test scenario: remove last digit of a test user and trigger sync manually:

    With the help of catlog I could see that in the vcf data a phone number is send as (stage uploading):
    while in the server response (stage: fetching)

    In between there is a multistatus xml log entry:

            <d:status>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</d:status>
            <d:status>HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found</d:status>

    Maybe there is a correlation?! Would be nice to have this fixed. How could I help?


    I’m using CM 10.1.3-i9100g

  • developer

    See also issue #176 and

    home or HOME shouldn’t matter. Are you sure that Horde sends the phone number to DAVdroid, and then it gets lost? In this case, please create a test account for Horde and send it to

  • I agree, considering the logs it seems to be a Horde import problem.

  • developer

    So I’ll close it here. Will reopen if there’s an error on DAVdroid’s side.

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