• There are quite a few issues that are “resolved” by deleting the account and creating it again.
    For that it would be practical to have an export/import function for the account data; neither the URL nor the password are typed that easily via a smartphone on-screen keyboard.

    Furthermore, this could be used to easily copy account information between phones that should share a common calendar.

    If the export format is plain text (perhaps with the password base64 encoded), doing trivial modifications like changing eg. the username could be done in the intermediate file.

  • Some time ago I was thinking about something similar. Setting up all the accounts can be quite complex task and unexperienced/nontechnical users can find it difficult.

    Typical usecase for this feature could be like this:

    Calendar & contacts howto:

    1. Install Davdroid (here is link, click install).
    2. Scan that QR code OR click this link if you are reading this on your phone.
    3. Enter your username and password. (If not present in QR code.)
    4. Your calendar and contacts is now synchronized.

    QR code could be generated by some web calendar, so once user is logged in in web browser on her computer, it would be very simple to connect her phone.

  • Woudl be a perfect solution. +1

  • Hi,
    even a simple XML (or anything else) export/import would be great.
    I have 5 different Owncloud accounts and 3 devices. it’s a little bit long to configure caldav+carddav for each combinaison…

    great app.

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