• I can start the app and enter my Serveradress, Username and password but then it crashes.
    i know you have some buggs with HTC… but this is very uncool

    Im running Android 4.2.2 (original ROM) on a HTC One SV.

    Any thoughts?

  • I have same proplem on Huawei G525 android 4.1.2
    It Crashes multiple times. fetching several of Cal Events but crash in the middle of sync.
    prev versions doesnt crash like this on this device.!!

    currently using Davdroid 0.5.8

    i have downgrade to 0.5.6-alpha and the problem gone.

  • developer

    Probably duplicate of #178

  • no not duplicated!
    it crashes befor any snyc is done!
    I can enter all the stuff like servername/address, login and password, but at the point where i hit “Enter” (or “next” or whatever you wanna call it) the app crashes.

  • developer

    @3mg4: Can you create a user name/password for testing purposes and send it to play@bitfire.at? Logs would be nice, too. Otherwise, there’s no chance to reproduce, hence fix the issue.

  • @rfc2822
    i will try to make it tomorrow!
    what do you mean by “create a user name/password for testing purposes”. Do you mean in the App or for my CalDAV server? Sorry i dont get it right now

    Schönen Abend

  • admin

    Can you create an account for us on your CalDAV server and send it to play@bitfire.at together with the server address?

  • ahhh oke,
    i would do it but my server is just in my local network there is no way out in the great and wonderful www, i’m sorry.
    i hope that i can send you the logs tomorrow, i also send some via the bulit in service, i think its from Android or playstore maybe
    But maybe it helps: im using Baikal Server on debian, with nginx php5, sqlite, Syncing via Card or CalDAV with other devices works like a charm

  • developer

    This is caused because (new URI("")).getHost() returns null instead of the host name (but only the Android Java getHost(), as it seems).

    Workaround: use instead of

  • developer

    According to RFC 3986: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax, 3.2.2 Host is not a valid URI.

    Definition of a host name:

          host        = IP-literal / IPv4address / reg-name
          IPv4address = dec-octet "." dec-octet "." dec-octet "." dec-octet
          dec-octet   = DIGIT                 ; 0-9
                      / %x31-39 DIGIT         ; 10-99
                      / "1" 2DIGIT            ; 100-199
                      / "2" %x30-34 DIGIT     ; 200-249
                      / "25" %x30-35          ; 250-255

    So, 000 is not a dec-octet, thus is not a valid host name.

    Please use valid hostnames.

    Additionally, DAVdroid has checked the hostname validity with new URL() instead of new URI(), causing it to accept the URL on the first dialog while crashing thereafter. This has been fixed.

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