Support self-signed certificate


Despite the explanation on the website, I wasn't able to import and use my certificate with davdroid. I had to hack my version of it to remove the validation (yeah I know... MitM and all...).

I had issues with using the imported certificate, don't really know why, maybe because I'm using SNI on my server.

Therefore I would like to be able to accept not valid certificate. K9mail does that by showing a popup giving most readable information about the certificate.

I tried to look through the code to not simply disable but handle the case of not valid certificates but wasn't able to find a simple solution.

I see 2 ways of handling this.

  1. "Save" the certificate (or its references) after the user has approved it (like k9mail)
  2. Have a manual kill switch

The first solution has the advantage of later "validate" that the certificate has not changed since the first time and if it changes prompt the user.

What do you think ?

Except from that, davdroid is just perfect to use with owncloud


Duplicate of #3 and #69, please discuss there.

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