Unnecessary fetching of remote member ETags


The logic for "Phase 2A" of SyncManager.synchronize() seems a bit off and its result goes unused:


Assuming I've parsed this right, something like this should work (assuming the manualSync parameter is renamed to pullRemoteCollection)

pullRemoteCollection = pullRemoteCollection || syncResult.stats.numEntries > 0;

// PHASE 2A: check if there's a reason to do a sync with remote (= forced sync or remote CTag changed)
if (!pullRemoteCollection) {
  String remoteCTag    = remoteCollection.getCTag();
  String localCTag     = localCollection.getCTag();
  pullRemoteCollection = (remoteCTag != null && localCTag != null) && remoteCTag.equals(localCTag);

if (!pullRemoteCollection) {
  Log.i(TAG, "No local changes made and ctags match, will not pull from remote.");

Also, might have something to do with #147 ?


Also, using != on String objects @ line 75:



if (localResource.getETag() == null || !localResource.getETag().equals(remoteResource.getETag())) {

I think I spotted a couple more of these while browsing through the code base. Would you prefer pull request(s) or filing issues for such small edits?


@rhodey: Seems like the return got lost in 8a651f135b95d3c534201142690ed7eed07ece85…

Issues are OK.

Temporal relations are not necessarily causal relations.

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