Unable to send invitation to guest with synology calendar

  • Hello team,

    trying to remove google from my liffe.
    So I bought a Synology and i’m very happy except for one essential feature for me.
    When I create an event to my phone (android … yep … i know!) and I add guest to my event the invitation email is not sent.

    If I try to create the event directly on calendar webservice or through thunderbird I have not problem the invitation is sent.

    The problem occur only with DAVx5 and I’m not able to understand why.

    I tried to activate the debug log (attached) but for me all the information seems correct on DAVx5 side :


    seems correct (see full log for more details)

    I don’t know if the problem is a configuration issue , or a bug with davx or a bug/missing feature on synology implementation.

    But what i don’t understand it’s working with tunderbird some I’m little bit confused …

    Many thanks for your help

    full log

  • admin

    @pateretou Hello, did you name the DAVx5 account with the correct email of the calendars ORGANIZER? (maybe manu@mydomain.me in your case). I’m not really sure if Synology does process the RSVP=true and is able to trigger an email sending when it gets the sync of that event from DAVx5… Keep in mind that the invitation email can only be sent by the server. DAVx5 or the calendar app on Android do never send emails to the invited email address(es).

  • Hello thanks for your reply

    The limitation is on the synology side.

    See synology support reply about this :

    After checking with my technical referent to find out how the calendar works for this type of case:
    And when you use a local DSM account to send an invitation mail, => the sender will be xxx@local.host, which could result in the mail being rejected.
    It doesn't matter which mail service you use (Gmail or MailPlus), if you log in to Calendar with a local DSM account,
    the sender / organizer will always have your_account@local.host
    Use the LDAP account to log in, the sender will become the right one,
    For the moment this is a limitation and the R&D team will rethink the design.
    The R&D team needs more time to investigate. Currently, this is a limitation for the time being.
    However, your suggestion is well taken care of and our development engineers are investigating the possibility of fixing this option.```
  • developer

    @pateretou Thanks for the update.

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