View/changes properties of an existing DAVdroid account

  • Hm. Would it be possible to manually tinker with a file on the Android’s system? I mean, the password (and the rest of the account data) needs to be stored somewhere, after all.
    With that file, one could also probably backup the DAVdroid accounts.

  • I haven’t been able to reliabily restore my DAVDroid accounts with
    Titanium Backup.

    Though contacts lists work fine after restoration, calendars do not,
    and I often end up deleting and recreating the whole account anyway…

    2015-02-10 15:33 GMT+01:00 muelli

    Hm. Would it be possible to manually tinker with a file on the Android’s
    system? I mean, the password (and the rest of the account data) needs to be
    stored somewhere, after all.
    With that file, one could also probably backup the DAVdroid accounts.

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  • FTR: I found /data/system/users/0/accounts.db to contain my password(s).

  • It’s not only passwords.
    I just bumped my server from http to https. Then after a while I realized that sync does not work any more. Then I saw that I already had entered a few contacts into my phone (DAVDroid account).
    And now I’m a little frustrated because:

    • I don’t know exactly WHICH contacts I entered after the sync break
    • If I delete the DAVDroid account and readd it, not only my sync’ed contacts are gone (and recreated), but also the new ones (and not recreated = lost).
      I really thing this is a mayor issue.
      I would even think to pay something to get this implemented - nothing against starting a bug bounty.
      But this issue is a mayor show-stopper for professional use of the software.

  • Thanks for that bounty 😉

    @nerdoc can your current phones contacts be exported to vcfs? make a backup of your servers addressbook. delete the DAVdroid account and add a new one, then import the vcfs to this account. make a manual sync and check if the server received them. that’s what I would do in this case…

  • @devvv4ever Yes that’s what I should have done 😉
    I deleted it, recreated it, and could not connect to https because Android does not accept self signed certs. With Cacert it works now, but another story.
    Thanks for the bounty, I’ll be there 😉

  • Dear @rfc2822 , dear core developers,

    can someone please sum up why it is:

    • not possible
    • out of scope
    • any issues blocking this
    • any technical barriers / complex dependencies needed to add a “change account activity”

    Thank you

  • We’ve made the first steps for this when introducing a settings dialog on 0.7 where it is possible to change username and password. More will follow, but some stuff is complex and maybe requires changes in the davdroid core.

  • hi @devvv4ever great to hear that (for those who don’t use 0.7 yet 🙂 ) but the question targets: do you need help. Can the community help you implementing this? If meh; then why/problems

  • so i’ve just managed to “reverse engineering” what settings i put on one phone, so i could transfer them to the new one…

    for safe-keeping:<my-username>/Calendar

    this automatically recognised ../Contacts, so maybe it wouldn’t have been necessary.

    anyway, i think we should update the docs.

  • Note
    Another good argument for this:
    davdroid failes to sync when there is a calendar missing. And with ownCloud calendar sharing one guy removing a calendar shared with 50 people could force 50 people to update every device they use because otherwise its not syncing anymore (404 error). Also failing to sync seems to be draining the battery because it keeps trying for a while 😕
    If you could edit the list of calendars to sync that would be easy … 😄

  • I also support this request in combination with #474

    Depending on the server-side software, one will end up with several calendars all named “Calendar John Doe” which is not very helpful when creating a new event.

    It would be really nice if a sync entry could be edited after creation to change this.

  • Because of my own ignorance my owncloud server died and I wasn’t able to restore it.
    Then I set up a new server with nextcloud and tried to change the Sync-Settings of the DAVdroid accounts to get all my contacts from smartphone to the new server.
    It was hard to realize that this is not possible.
    It’s not an aption to delete the account and create a new one, if data at server side is lost or if old server is no more accessible because of other reasons.
    My last resort, with the effect of loosing some data, was to share all contacts per bluetooth with another phones local account and same way back after creating new DAVdroid account at my phone.

    I think the lack of this feature is a big problem in some situations.
    What would you recommend, if someone uses a commercial owncloud hosting and wants to change to another provider?

  • I had the same problem as many others in this discussion: owncloud server crashed, contacts on the phone only, no way to reconnect to my new nextcloud server. My work-around: I used MyPhoneExplorer to backup my contacts and restore them to the new account.

    Roughly those were my steps:

    • install MyPhoneExplorer on notebook and the MyPhoneExplorer client on the Android phone
    • on the phone select the DAVdroid account for synchronisation
    • backup all DAVdroid contacts from phone to my notebook
    • delete the not working DAVdroid account (which deletes all my contacts as well)
    • create a new DAVdroid account pointing to my new Nextcloud server
    • finally restore the backup from the notebook to the phone

  • This post is deleted!

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