Sync of one calendar/task list doesn't work after every some month

  • Hi,
    dav works generally very fine.
    I use 2 phones with nextcloud to sync about 10 calendars and 5 task lists.
    This is working some month till 1 calendar or 1 task list doesn’t sync any more.
    The only possibilitiy to fix is a smartphone restart.
    It seams, a sync is process got caught:

    2021-11-21 20:13:35 6291 [syncadapter.SyncAdapterService] sync of Account {,} has been initiated
    	PARAMETER #0 = upload
    2021-11-21 20:13:35 6291 [syncadapter.SyncAdapterService] There's already another sync running for Account {,}, aborting
  • developer

    @jakob Thanks for the report.

    I just don’t have an idea what could cause this… I think that either

    1. the sync really hangs indefinitely (why? network times out, and Android kills idle threads after a few minutes), and/or
    2. the thread is not killed using interrupt(), but in a way that not even the finally clause is called, so DAVx⁵ can’t know that the sync thread has quit, and/or
    3. there is some unidentified deadlock or locking problem in the code.

    Can you please provide your debug info (you can omit the lines with server address etc. if you want)? Vendor, Android version etc. are important for this matter.

  • @rfc2822 debug-info.txt

    replaced some privacy data

  • developer

    @jakob Thanks. Unfortunately I can’t say why this happens on your device.

  • Thanks for looking over it.
    Unfortually I have this with the phone of my wife, too.
    And with the phone before, also: OnePlus 5T, and OnePlus 7T.
    Please ping me, if I can do anything more.

  • developer

    @jakob Are you sure that the problems are all the same with the “There’s already another sync running…, aborting” message? There are various reasons why synchronization can “stop”.

  • @rfc2822 I think so, yes.
    But I will create the logfile when the problem occures before the smartphone reboot.

  • developer

    @jakob Thanks, that would help to be at least sure that this is the problem.

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