• Hi everyone,

    Thanks for making this app and forum live.

    I just noticed that my DAVx5 app has been increasing its data usage over the past months…
    August : 12 MB
    September : 35 MB
    October : 118 MB
    November : 429 MB ( and going)

    I’m running v.4.00ose on my Samsung S7 with /e/ OS 0.19 (adapted from Android 7.1.2)
    I use DAVx5 for one nextcloud v.20 account on a shared server : 1 contact account and 4 calendars.

    Could you help me guess why this data has been increasing this way?

    Thanks in advance,

    Firvu, French guy

  • developer


    @firvu said in Excessive data usage:

    Could you help me guess why this data has been increasing this way?

    How often do you synchronize, and how often do you change data?

    You can always see in Settings / Debug info what DAVx5 does.

  • @rfc2822

    Thanks for your message.

    Sync is set up to auto-sync, but also intervals are generally at 240 min (contacts : 1440 min).

    Data don’t change in a way that could explain that amount of data : a few new/modified contacts, events and tasks per week…

    It doesn’t seem much to me…?

  • developer

    @firvu Can you provide your debug info? What is your past event time limit?

    Otherwise I can just imagine that there’s some problem with the CTags or something like that (for instance some SOGo installations had such problems recently).

  • admin

    @firvu Which server/service do you use?

  • Hi,
    I just sign up for this problem
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, with the Samsung android version
    I run a updated version of DavX5 (currently 4.1-ose) installed from fdroid
    I use framagenda.org as service provider they use nextcloud as software
    I also noticed data usage exploded on the past months (below are the amount of data)
    I have exactly the same usage than before, contacts diary and few agendas

    Mobile data usage (from the 2nd of the month to 1st next month) :
    355MB January (until today 13th)
    759MB December
    1.63G November
    545MB October

    Wifi data usage
    292MB Dec 16th => Jan 13th
    1.67G 18 Nov => Dec 16th
    1.74G Oct 21st => Nov 18th
    7.24MB 23rd Sep => Oct 21st

    It looks something changed in late october

    Here are the debug infos
    logcat.txt debug-info.txt

  • developer

    @rominail Thanks for the logcat. Unfortunately it shows only 01-13 20:38:15 to 01-13 20:38:55 so it doesn’t contain syncs or other relevant things.

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