Fastmail sync stopped working overnight

  • Sync with Fastmail stopped working overnight, but sync with Google still works fine.

    When I go to my Fastmail account in DAVx5 and click the synchronize button, it says “synchronizing now,” but it does not synchronize. I have double-checked the password to make sure it is entered correctly, and that I am using the Fastmail-provided app password.

    When I look in Fastmail’s logs, it shows that the last attempt to login using that app password occurred 17 hours ago. If I’m reading the DAVx5 debug info correctly, the timestamp for the lastSync for the collectionId corresponding to my Fastmail account also shows that it last synced 17 hours ago. This timestamp does not get updated when I click synchronize.

    I have checked the instructions for Fastmail here to no avail. Ditto for the “does not sync” help page here, which seems to address primarily a failure to sync automatically, which is a different issue. The one thread I found here about Fastmail not syncing is seven years old.

    Using DAVx5 4.0-ose with the stock calendar app on LineageOS 18.1 without GPS or a substitute on a non-5G Pixel 4a.

    What additional steps can you suggest for troubleshooting? Thank you.

  • Restarted Android and now it is syncing fine.

    Is there a guide to reading the debug logs somewhere? One might be helpful for any future troubleshooting.

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