Contact Groups created from Google Contacts app show as ";;;;" in iCloud

  • And it shows as blank in iOS as well. But if I create a group in iCloud or iOS it syncs with android just fine. I’ve googled a lot but I can’t find any info on this, I hope someone can help

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    @mikahakkinen Hello,

    How did you create the group and where? Can you please provide the exact steps so that I can reproduce the problem and have a look?

    Unfortunately, Apple blocks my browser today (seems to be a common problem, more people have complained about that), but I can test with DAVx5 and our iOS test device.

  • @rfc2822 Hi! Glad to hear from you, I have a Samsung A52 5G, and was using DAVx5 to sync my iCloud contacts to my android, I was unable to create groups in the stock app from Samsung so used Google’s, I just create a label and add some contacts, it does work apart from the “;;;;” group name in, and a blank group name in iOS, however, if i rename the group in iOS to whatever name, it shows up correctly in iCloud, and android as well

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    @mikahakkinen Ah ok. I didn’t know that one can even create groups without name. DAVx⁵ just syncs the group without name, and it seems that from DAVx⁵ side everything works as expected:

    1. empty group name in iOS
    2. iCloud takes the N:;;;; from the vCard (which is technically required to make it a valid vCard) and presents it as group name, what it should not do

    What would you expect to happen? Shall the group be named “Unknown group”? What if there are more of them?

  • @rfc2822 Oh no, the group/label I created in Google Contacts has a name, I should also say that I’ve tried creating it via web browser, same results

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    @mikahakkinen I did not manage to create a label on our iOS phone; and our iCloud Web interface doesn’t work at the moment. So I can’t really tesŧ…

    Do you mean that I have to

    1. synchronize some contact “A”,
    2. assign this contact to a new group “Group 1” on Android,
    3. synchronize,
    4. contact “A” is now in group “;;;;” in iCloud although it should be in “Group 1”?

    If not, please explain what I can do to reproduce the problem (like above, with steps like “first create contact A on this device, then sync it there” etc.) Thanks!

  • @rfc2822 said in Contact Groups created from Google Contacts app show as ";;;;" in iCloud:

    ge to create a label on our iOS phone; and our iCloud
    I can confirm that you cannot create contact groups in iOS, it has to be done in iCloud, although there is an app in iOS that lets you create contact groups, I think its called Contacts+.

    Yes number’s 1 through 4 are correct! If the contact group was made by android, it shows up as “;;;;” in iCloud, and a blank contact group name in iOS.

  • @rfc2822 Hi!

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