Zipcodes misplaced after syncing

  • I’m syncing Fastmail to a Samsung tablet and Samsung Phone.

    In Fastmail, all address information is in
    Street Address,

    in Samsung Contacts I get:
    Street Address
    Zipcode City

    How do I get the address to be
    Street Address
    City State Zipcode?

    If this has to do with some countries having a different default to their address structure, can we have a setting for “default Address layout” in settings?

    I cannot tell you how annoying this is, to have 1000 addresses sync’d with the addresses out of place. It makes it impossible to use the Contacts app on my devices. Nothing works right with addresses.

  • developer

    @digitalboulevard I recommend to use the structured address fields instead of the label; see Why do you need the labels?

    Can you please provide more information about your use case and what the specific problem with the displayed address is? Do you use automatically process them (for serial letters or something like that)?

  • @rfc2822 I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

    I saw your response, and I started doing some more research… It appears this is a bug in samsung contacts. I added the country, and Samsung Contacts formatted the address correctly.

    My bad.

    Software works great, keep up the good work.

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