DAVx5, Google, and LineageOS

  • Does anyone have DAVx5 working reliably with Google Calendar on LineageOS, or another 'droid (sans Google Play Services)?

    I am trying to do the above, and finding that no matter how much I tinker, at best I see most (but not all) of the events that show on the web version of my Google Calendar.

    I can provide troubleshooting data, but before doing so I wanted to ask the more general question. If the answer is “Yes, it can be done,” then I will do so; if the answer is, “No, don’t bother,” then I will move on.

    Many thanks.

  • admin

    @acabarit It should work well, normally. However I don’t know if Google provides exactly the same data through their CalDAV/CardDAV connector in the same way as it provides it in the official web interface.


    Many use DAVx5 on Play-Store-free devices to access their Google calendar. So it seems to work good enough at least 🙂

  • @devvv4ever Thanks!

    I did see the DAVx5 instructions for Google, along with the caveats.

    I think I need to use it for a little while and see. There is one particular event that is not showing up via DAVx5, but I can’t tell what makes that event special or whether it goes beyond that.

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