• Okay I understand that it’s complicated to change server URL in case of changing the server.

    But which server URL I use at the moment, when I have not name it in the account name?

    <… big story>
    I changed from nextcloud on rental server to nextcloud on Synology NAS behind NAT.
    DNS record to ipv6 it’s not the problem on static IP (on dynamic also not) but IPv4… I set the external IP to the external domain hoster and set internal IP to pihole DNS service.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes not, sometimes I used the domain, sometimes I used the IP…
    <…big story>
    How to check this without deleting and recreating accounts?

  • developer

    @cptechnik Hi,

    You can see which URLs are used by DAVx⁵

    • for every collection: tap ⋮ and then Properties
    • for everything: in the DAVx⁵ / Settings / Debug info (scroll down unto the database dump: tables service and collection).

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